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Couple TF -- Dragons by Cayuga Couple TF -- Dragons :iconcayuga:Cayuga 23 1 Cockroach TF by Cayuga Cockroach TF :iconcayuga:Cayuga 70 19 Anaconda Naga TF by Cayuga Anaconda Naga TF :iconcayuga:Cayuga 23 8 Moo Cow TF by Cayuga Moo Cow TF :iconcayuga:Cayuga 41 4 Couple TF -- The Rainforest Room by Cayuga Couple TF -- The Rainforest Room :iconcayuga:Cayuga 51 3 Metamorpher Trade Sheep TF TG by Cayuga Metamorpher Trade Sheep TF TG :iconcayuga:Cayuga 73 8 Ram Pink Heart by Cayuga Ram Pink Heart :iconcayuga:Cayuga 50 3 My Wife's New Haircut #1 by Cayuga My Wife's New Haircut #1 :iconcayuga:Cayuga 5 0 Cayuga Gryphon by Cayuga by Cayuga Cayuga Gryphon by Cayuga :iconcayuga:Cayuga 5 0 Cowgirl Bar TF by Cayuga Cowgirl Bar TF :iconcayuga:Cayuga 242 6 Couple TF-Two Flamingos  Commission by Cayuga by Cayuga Couple TF-Two Flamingos Commission by Cayuga :iconcayuga:Cayuga 31 2 Hand and Face Soap Horse TF by Cayuga by Cayuga Hand and Face Soap Horse TF by Cayuga :iconcayuga:Cayuga 175 12 Immersive Biology 101 Day 1 Mouse TF by Cayuga Immersive Biology 101 Day 1 Mouse TF :iconcayuga:Cayuga 110 8 Flamingo TF by Cayuga Flamingo TF :iconcayuga:Cayuga 63 3  Flamingo TF Preliminary Sketch by Cayuga Flamingo TF Preliminary Sketch :iconcayuga:Cayuga 32 3 Couple TF: Two Wolves by Cayuga Couple TF: Two Wolves :iconcayuga:Cayuga 240 21


Weekend as a Pet (TransFun)
(Woman to Tarantula)
“Joan.  Joan.  Hey, Joan!”  A hand grabbed the top of my laptop, and I quickly braced the screen before Hannah could close it.  I sent the blonde a sharp glare, and she let up her grasp immediately.  She had been my roommate for the past few years, and I’d grown used to her antics, even returning some of her pranks.  I think she was surprised to find her quiet roommate could give as good as she got.
“What?”  I gave her an exasperated look, trying to cover my amusement.
She leaned over, looking upside-down at my screen.  “Whatcha doing?”  Just like a puppy; if you didn’t pay attention to her for too long, she’d come bounding in, looking for something to do.
I waved her hair out of the way, chuckling despite myself.  “Have you ever heard of”
She nodded, tapping one of her fingers against her lower lip.  “Isn’t that the sit
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 124 55
Disgusting Dare (TransFun)
(Woman to Maggot)
“Um.  Well, here goes.”  Susan swirled the vial of liquid in her hands, her whole form tense with apprehension.  She’d used TransFun before, but that had been to become a horse at one of her friend’s farms—nothing like what awaited her.  Of course, she had to go shooting off her mouth about how she’d had TransFun experience.  Who knew her other friends were so... adventurous?
Tina had become a koi, Natalie a snake, and Amelia had even become a crab for a week in her boyfriend’s aquarium.  Susan had known about the last one, having joked about her giving him ‘crabs’—but the other two had come as a complete shock.  Susan couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose legs or arms, to become something other than a mammal.
Yet she had to say that she wasn’t afraid of assuming a form more ‘creative’ than that of an equine.  She just had to go blabbing
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 92 42
Girl to Guy: A FTM TG Story
“I can’t believe how hard it is to find a TG story where a girl turns into a guy?” Stacey Clark thought to herself as she cruised web page after web page. “I can’t be the only girl out there who would want this?” She was growing more and more frustrated though. “I can read selective parts of body swaps, but that gets boring…I mean it must be like one out a thousand that goes the way I want it to”
She flipped off her laptop and flopped back on her bed. “Uh; I wish I could write better. Then I would write the type of story I want to read...nah…I just wish I was a guy” Stacey laughed out loud and sat up. She walked down to her basement to work out. She was wearing a black sports bra and baggy red shorts along with black tennis shoes and black socks. She pulled her long brown hair up into a ponytail and started her work out.
Stacey was going really well, everything felt good; in fact it felt easy to her. She stopped wh
:icontservo96:Tservo96 116 8
Mature content
Favorite TG :iconfakenameyfakenamey:fakenameyfakenamey 173 33
Mature content
TG Yourself - GIRLS ONLY :iconmrhardy12:mrhardy12 55 17
Melons pg3 by TGedNathan
Mature content
Melons pg3 :icontgednathan:TGedNathan 228 41
FPS by FlotianChroma FPS :iconflotianchroma:FlotianChroma 130 10 Taking selfies - (Couple AR) by JitenshaSW
Mature content
Taking selfies - (Couple AR) :iconjitenshasw:JitenshaSW 108 48
Just like Meta by Metamorpher Just like Meta :iconmetamorpher:Metamorpher 8 1
POV TF: Birdo
    Yoohoo! Helloooo! Hello there darling! Oh, hush, stop with all that screaming. What’s the matter, never seen a real woman before? My name’s Birdo, lovely name isn't it? You don’t agree? Hohoho, such a silly boy. Hey, hold it right there mister! Can’t I trouble you for a bit of your time? Hmph, how about I pay you to listen to me? Here, take this. Lovely little ring isn’t it? It’s all yours, if you decide to listen to me for a moment. You can even hold it if you’d like! Oh, try it on? Of course, go on ahead, ahuhuhuhu~.....
    Fabulous, darling, bit looks wonderful on you! Mmmm, I’m so happy you put that on for me. You see honey, you’re all mine now. Pink rash? Oh, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal! Now stop with all that screaming, or I’ll have to give you a nice big kiss! Mmmmmmwah!~ There, nice and still and calm!  Ah, the changes are starting in full now! Awww,
:iconsissyfairy:SissyFairy 36 93
The brothel witch (preview 4, read description) by surody
Mature content
The brothel witch (preview 4, read description) :iconsurody:surody 229 18
Dragoness tgtf by SevenPaperPlates
Mature content
Dragoness tgtf :iconsevenpaperplates:SevenPaperPlates 158 6
COM - You mooove me by ScissorsRunner COM - You mooove me :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 331 17 Zeena by kaspired Zeena :iconkaspired:kaspired 45 7 ''Daily'' sketch - Interspecies Issues. by 0laffson ''Daily'' sketch - Interspecies Issues. :icon0laffson:0laffson 192 115 COM - Manlicorn by ScissorsRunner COM - Manlicorn :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 61 8



Couple TF -- Dragons
A colorful TF. 

They are each half way to becoming very dragony and are checking eachother out.  It was good to find a nice, secluded place before they put those bracers on.  They are gonna get pretty big, tho, like that guy in the background.

I liked playing with who got what color.  What do YOU prefer, Bubble gum, or banana?
Cockroach TF
A poor girl trapped alone in a bunker!  What will she do!??


Now she will be fine.
Anaconda Naga TF
Trade with Maurili.  He let me do whatever, so went with Anaconda.  I don't really like snake TFs so I went Naga.

Starting to get sick of drawing with my tablet, but I'm glad I gave snakes a try with this one.  I wanted to try my hand at how tails wind around and overlap.
Wow -- been gone for a while.  Really missed DA.

I got married and had a baby!!!!!!  It's been great, but between that and work I've been scrambling.  But now I want to have fun and post more.  

I'm open for trades.   I will likely do a lot of line drawings for a while because I dont have much time for my wacom tablet.  Any takers?


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